Pirate Month is Here

  • Start date 4/13/2019
  • Start time 10:00:00 AM PDT
  • End date 4/26/2019
  • End time 11:59:00 PM PDT

Three treasure maps led the way to Furbeard, our new Pirate Fancy Cat. This Kitty can only be bred for two weeks, until 11:59 PM PDT on April 26. Plus check out all the new pirate-themed time-limited Purrstige Traits. Breeding Purrstige traits from scratch can be complicated but rewarding. Check out our guide to breeding for Pirate Month!

Mythereum Mythicat Tournament

  • Start date 4/20/2019
  • Start time TBD
  • End date 4/21/2019
  • End time TBD

Assemble a deck of cards by forging your CryptoKitties on Mythereum and battle to win a Sparkles Special Edition this Saturday. Mythereum is a collectible card game.