Join the Great "Trick or Fancy" Chase!

  • Start date 10/12/2019
  • Start time 11:30:00 AM PDT
  • End date 10/31/2019
  • End time 11:59:00 PM PDT

Trick or treat? Furmione is here to bewitch us all. But this Fancy will only be breedable until the stroke of Midnight at the end of Halloween (PDT), so get going to put together a brew of the following Cattributes:

Cattribute #1: poisonberry (highlight colour)
Cattribute #2: spangled (pattern)
Cattribute #3: mallowflower (accent colour)
Cattribute #4: firstblush (base colour)

Purrzival the Paladin is here to protect Catelot

  • Start date 10/1/2019
  • Start time 11:30:00 AM PDT
  • End date 11/30/2020
  • End time 11:59:00 AM PDT

With their mythical sword, Ligerclaw, and their legendary shield, Dave, Purrzival the Paladin has arrived! This Starter Fancy Cat is extra special as it's possible to breed one by breeding together a Page with a Pawderick! Of course there are many ways to breed Purrzival, as long as you combine the following Cattributes:

Cattribute #1: thunderstruck (pattern)
Cattribute #2: wasntme (mouth)
Cattribute #3: rosequartz (highlight colour)
Cattribute #4: peach (accent colour)

Plus, this is the second Fancy featuring the new Shiny Fancy feature: each Purrzival bred from non-Purrzival parents will have a chance to be born as an incredibly rare Shiny version featuring alternate colouring.