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Name / Limit Recipe
Fancy cat: Ellie

Limit: 2500
Current counter: 90
shadowgrey flamingo littlefoot walrus
Fancy cat: Bartholomeow

Limit: 10000
Current counter: 406
burmilla salmon thunderstruck wasntme flamingo rosequartz
Fancy cat: Gwendolion

Limit: 50000
Current counter: 566
burmilla salmon icy
Fancy cat: Catseye

Limit: 30000
Current counter: 377
burmilla rascal salmon flamingo
Fancy cat: Purrzival

Limit: 30000
Current counter: 448
thunderstruck peach rosequartz wasntme
Fancy cat: Pawderick

Limit: 50000
Current counter: 955
rosequartz ganado wasntme
Fancy cat: Page

Limit: 50000
Current counter: 5033
rascal peach wasntme


There are no Purrstiges available for breeding

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