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Gen 9 Snappy (30min)

bobtail selkirk koladiviya koladiviya
rascal ganado ganado calicool
cyan dahlia cyan doridnudibranch
thicccbrowz slyboots caffeine otaku
mauveover cottoncandy cottoncandy bananacream
swampgreen royalpurple cyborg springcrocus
kalahari shale shale sandalwood
WE12 WE12 WE13 WE12
moue whixtensions gerbil moue
EN09 EN00 EN03 EN11
SE12 SE02 SE23 SE15
PU08 PU09 PU08 PU11

Gen 4 Snappy (10min)

ragdoll ragdoll savannah koladiviya
rascal totesbasic mittens luckystripe
doridnudibranch parakeet dahlia thundergrey
swarley baddate wiley crazy
cottoncandy bananacream orangesoda greymatter
lemonade chocolate poisonberry egyptiankohl
cashewmilk cashewmilk purplehaze emeraldgreen
WE12 WE04 WE11 WE00
rollercoaster soserious saycheese moue
EN09 EN01 EN09 EN10
SE12 SE15 SE06 SE11
PU07 PU08 PU02 PU08

Gen 3 Swift (5min)

koladiviya ragdoll siberian koladiviya
rascal rorschach mittens vigilante
isotope doridnudibranch dahlia doridnudibranch
swarley baddate wiley wowza
verdigris bananacream bananacream greymatter
swampgreen chocolate poisonberry egyptiankohl
cashewmilk cashewmilk cashewmilk purplehaze
WE12 WE11 WE04 WE12
soserious rollercoaster saycheese moue
EN09 EN09 EN13 EN09
SE15 SE15 SE11 SE08
PU07 PU08 PU02 PU08

Gen 2 Snappy (10min)

siberian ragdoll koladiviya savannah
rascal totesbasic luckystripe totesbasic
parakeet parakeet parakeet thundergrey
thicccbrowz wiley crazy swarley
cottoncandy greymatter orangesoda greymatter
swampgreen lemonade barkbrown coffee
azaleablush purplehaze shale emeraldgreen
WE05 WE14 WE15 WE00
pouty soserious pouty pouty
EN01 EN09 EN10 EN10
SE12 SE14 SE06 SE11
PU08 PU02 PU12 PU02

Gen 6 Snappy (10min)

burmilla selkirk birman ragdoll
rascal jaguar henna rascal
cyan sizzurp sapphire doridnudibranch
asif wiley asif chronic
onyx cinderella orangesoda nachocheez
lemonade wolfgrey springcrocus egyptiankohl
frosting icy icy azaleablush
WE12 WE05 WE05 WE13
pouty happygokitty dali gerbil
EN14 EN14 EN11 EN01
SE13 SE07 SE13 SE14
PU08 PU08 PU00 PU02

Gen 8 Snappy (30min)

pixiebob munchkin chartreux sphynx
rascal rascal calicool totesbasic
strawberry mintgreen topaz gold
bornwithit simple stunned baddate
mauveover nachocheez cottoncandy bananacream
poisonberry royalpurple scarlet barkbrown
cashewmilk morningglory icy cashewmilk
WE12 WE00 WE03 WE12
happygokitty rollercoaster saycheese soserious
EN01 EN06 EN06 EN01
SE05 SE04 SE01 SE13
PU12 PU12 PU08 PU11

Gen 8 Snappy (30min)

pixiebob munchkin chartreux sphynx
rascal rascal rorschach totesbasic
forgetmenot mintgreen thundergrey gold
simple bornwithit stunned baddate
onyx onyx cottoncandy bananacream
royalpurple scarlet poisonberry barkbrown
fallspice icy morningglory frosting
WE12 WE03 WE12 WE05
grim rollercoaster saycheese soserious
EN01 EN14 EN06 EN06
SE05 SE14 SE13 SE01
PU12 PU09 PU12 PU12

Gen 8 Snappy (30min)

burmilla ragdoll manul selkirk
rascal henna tiger rorschach
sapphire cyan palejade sapphire
sass wiley googly swarley
tundra cottoncandy tundra orangesoda
egyptiankohl lemonade chocolate royalpurple
dreamboat granitegrey cashewmilk peach
WE04 WE03 WE12 WE04
pouty whixtensions soserious whixtensions
EN09 EN01 EN14 EN01
SE05 SE09 SE13 SE07
PU11 PU08 PU01 PU12

Gen 5 Swift (5min)

ragdoll toyger manul koladiviya
rascal rorschach totes14 rorschach
cyan dahlia chestnut thundergrey
wiley wiley thicccbrowz serpent
brownies greymatter cottoncandy mauveover
butterscotch apricot apricot barkbrown
kalahari frosting shale morningglory
WE13 WE13 WE05 WE02
majestic rollercoaster pouty pouty
EN11 EN01 EN11 EN12
SE02 SE07 SE22 SE00
PU09 PU11 PU12 PU11

Gen 8 Snappy (30min)

chartreux koladiviya selkirk himalayan
rascal jaguar rascal ganado
cyan dahlia chestnut cyan
chronic simple chronic simple
shadowgrey cottoncandy shadowgrey harbourfog
coffee chocolate scarlet chocolate
purplehaze emeraldgreen missmuffett peach
WE07 WE02 WE15 WE06
happygokitty gerbil grim gerbil
EN01 EN11 EN14 EN15
SE15 SE02 SE05 SE01
PU05 PU01 PU12 PU13

Gen 5 Swift (5min)

koladiviya bobtail koladiviya koladiviya
rascal spock tiger rascal
cyan coralsunrise doridnudibranch forgetmenot
asif wonky baddate asif
cinderella cinderella greymatter harbourfog
swampgreen poisonberry lilac lemonade
cashewmilk cashewmilk icy missmuffett
WE02 WE09 WE14 WE05
fangtastic rollercoaster happygokitty confuzzled
EN06 EN11 EN14 EN07
SE26 SE11 SE15 SE10
PU12 PU08 PU00 PU05

Gen 10 Brisk (2h)

savannah sphynx laperm ragdoll
rascal rascal amur leopard
parakeet parakeet doridnudibranch mintgreen
crazy thicccbrowz wonky thicccbrowz
greymatter mauveover cinderella tundra
coffee royalpurple barkbrown royalpurple
missmuffett cashewmilk missmuffett dreamboat
WE07 WE12 WE06 WE12
beard happygokitty rollercoaster gerbil
EN14 EN09 EN06 EN01
SE29 SE07 SE07 SE05
PU09 PU20 PU09 PU09

Gen 9 Plodding (4h)

birman cymric chartreux savannah
rascal henna leopard spock
sapphire doridnudibranch mintgreen sizzurp
drama thicccbrowz stunned wonky
onyx greymatter salmon cottoncandy
wolfgrey lilac lilac coffee
bloodred missmuffett missmuffett azaleablush
WE12 WE00 WE07 WE15
happygokitty confuzzled grim happygokitty
EN09 EN03 EN06 EN06
SE07 SE07 SE11 SE14
PU08 PU08 PU01 PU08

Gen 6 Snappy (10min)

savannah himalayan manul koladiviya
rascal spock luckystripe luckystripe
kaleidoscope cyan chestnut olive
swarley baddate asif crazy
greymatter harbourfog nachocheez cottoncandy
swampgreen scarlet lilac poisonberry
purplehaze kalahari kittencream icy
WE08 wyrm WE08 WE12
pouty soserious grim gerbil
EN00 EN06 EN01 EN07
SE06 SE12 SE11 SE02
PU12 PU09 PU11 PU05

Gen 10 Brisk (1h)

koladiviya burmilla ragdoll koladiviya
rascal amur rascal luckystripe
parakeet parakeet sapphire cyan
crazy wonky simple wonky
cinderella cottoncandy bananacream greymatter
barkbrown skyblue coffee lemonade
azaleablush cashewmilk granitegrey azaleablush
WE07 WE02 WE07 WE12
soserious wasntme pouty pouty
EN09 EN14 EN03 EN01
SE29 SE05 SE04 SE14
PU09 PU09 PU11 PU20

Gen 6 Snappy (10min)

savannah chartreux koladiviya selkirk
rascal rascal rascal luckystripe
kaleidoscope olive chestnut thundergrey
baddate wiley crazy googly
harbourfog bananacream nachocheez brownies
scarlet chocolate skyblue lemonade
purplehaze belleblue morningglory granitegrey
wyrm WE05 WE08 WE08
soserious soserious whixtensions impish
EN06 EN00 EN01 EN07
SE12 SE07 SE11 SE02
PU11 PU02 PU09 PU15

Gen 6 Snappy (10min)

sphynx selkirk sphynx ragdoll
rascal amur tiger leopard
doridnudibranch parakeet topaz sapphire
raisedbrow drama wowza simple
cottoncandy onyx bananacream greymatter
coffee wolfgrey egyptiankohl royalpurple
dreamboat frosting kalahari kittencream
elk WE12 WE08 WE07
rollercoaster whixtensions soserious gerbil
EN14 EN09 EN14 EN01
SE07 SE05 SE06 SE11
PU09 PU15 PU12 PU08

Gen 8 Brisk (2h)

selkirk laperm selkirk savannah
rascal camo luckystripe leopard
doridnudibranch mintgreen mintgreen palejade
googly otaku thicccbrowz sass
greymatter greymatter nachocheez greymatter
lilac skyblue egyptiankohl royalpurple
dreamboat peach peach icy
WE07 WE07 WE06 WE12
pouty confuzzled wuvme gerbil
EN03 EN06 EN01 EN14
SE11 SE05 SE07 SE07
PU12 PU20 PU12 PU09

Gen 5 Swift (5min)

manul bobtail savannah pixiebob
rascal ganado rorschach spangled
olive parakeet thundergrey parakeet
thicccbrowz wonky baddate caffeine
greymatter bananacream cinderella meowgarine
lemonade lilac royalpurple swampgreen
kalahari cashewmilk belleblue missmuffett
WE10 WE04 WE14 WE05
confuzzled rollercoaster wuvme wuvme
EN06 EN11 EN00 EN00
SE29 SE14 SE15 SE05
PU00 PU11 PU05 PU03

Gen 7 Plodding (4h)

selkirk selkirk bobtail savannah
rascal luckystripe leopard camo
doridnudibranch olive mintgreen parakeet
drama thicccbrowz thicccbrowz thicccbrowz
greymatter cinderella hintomint greymatter
lilac royalpurple lemonade barkbrown
purplehaze dreamboat azaleablush kalahari
WE02 WE07 WE06 WE00
confuzzled wuvme whixtensions gerbil
EN06 EN03 EN03 EN14
SE11 SE07 SE01 SE07
PU11 PU20 PU09 PU09
Total: 12545