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5 №1
Timbers #1

First Timbers Purrstige in the game!
Exclusivity is always in numbers
50 №1
The golden number 1 pickle fancy. It was released on the day of the pickle.
0.1836 №1183
Hi I'm a kaleidoscope Shoop!!! Shooo Shooo pa doop!
I'm 1 of 58, of 1270; My other 1212 cousins don't twinkle like me.

I'm rare, I'm sexy...and I know it!
1000 №1
Cat number 1.5m. Obtained by performing some intense Ethereum network spam. One of a kind.
Original Graphic Frosting

There are only 84 OG frosting cryptokitties and I am the most beautiful!
*Breaking Cats*
Gen 0 Breeding Service

1.1 ETH = 60 Gen 1's (2 founder kids)
.55 ETH = 30 Gen 1's (1 founder baby)
0.3 ETH = 15 Gen 1's only

Kittens will be optimally paired for mewtations and bred from a genepool of 240 Gen 0's. Delivery 8 days after payment. Contact KrypTonik#1541 via discord to make arrangements. All fees included.